Say hello to Espen Krøll aka “The Viking”, who is a Norwegian travel enthusiast as well as the proud owner of his superbeard, which is the reason why he had previously been nominated for the Mr. Beard title. He is one of those, who is very visible at times, yet somehow manages to remain invisible as soon as he steps out of the spotlights. We`ll have our Livandu spotlights on him from now on!

We find that there is a mystery around the existence and presence of “The Viking”, so we are hoping that this mystery will be solved by Espen opening up his lifestyle for Livandu readers.

We have also witnessed the way he had caught the eyes of several fashion brands as their model and brand ambassador over the years, but he has other professions, too.

Let`s see how much he is willing to give away overtime! I suggest that we encourage him by following him closely here at Livandu. He will introduce himself later on this week.

Needless to say we are very much looking forward to following his journey, which is certainly going to be an interesting one.

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Espen Krøll

Advertisement created by Espen Krøll for Norwegian Couture

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