CosmopolitaTV has been renamed to Livandu. Read the story bellow.

CosmopolitaTV was established by Cosmopolita as a personal blog.

However several influencers requested to become contributors on the website very soon after the launch. Their topics included healthy lifestyle, healthy eating, travelling, lifestyle of giving, beauty& makeup, and so on.

Therefore CosmopolitaTV was no longer a personal blog anymore. It became a platform, with other words the online home of a carefully chosen group of influencers.

The technical part of the website was then developed to an even higher level to serve the needs of the increasing community. The platform continued with the CosmopolitaTV name for a while.

We have arrived to the point, when we are looking to grow our platform & community to an even higher level. Hence we are in the process of speaking with investors. Due to this process it seems natural to do certain changes, which will serve the needs of the ever increasing community of the platform, as well as the progress of the project. Therefore we are now separating Cosmopolita´s brand from the online platform.

Hence the platform has been rebranded to LIVANDU.COM
Livandu has become a stand alone brand, which aims to become the leading source of daily inspiration of its readers, and the home of a global community of those influencers, who either own their own lifestyle brand, or who are in the process of developing their own lifestyle business.

Cosmopolita will continue as one of many contributors on, whereas remains a part of the growing Cosmopolita brand.

We`ll continue sharing inspiration, as well as introducing our new influencers starting from tomorrow.

Stay tuned in as usual.




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