It`s 29F/-2C in New York today, so I feel like staying at home today. I invited some friends over and we´ll have dinner together at my place tonight.

2019 is soon coming to an end, so I am preparing for setting my intentions for 2020. I tend to allow myself to think big. I noticed that most people don´t dare to think big. They allow their conscious mind to set the limits, instead of telling their mind what to think. Remember you become what you think. Let me give you an example.

I was living in Bali for a while, but dreaming about living in NYC, because of all the movies I watched on TV while I was growing up. The biggest challenge was getting a green card. My friend was also dreaming about the same thing. The dream came true for me, but not for her. What was the difference between the two of us?


I understood that when I met her family. They all told her that dreams were only dreams, but she must find a husband, so basically they encouraged her to do the same thing they did when they were young. They told her to do what was considered to be the “norm” in their local community. They didn`t support her in achieving her dreams, because noone supported them achieving their dreams when they were younger. That´s why they didn´t even dare to dream, or their dreams about moving or living at other places, doing anything what was considered “strange” or “unusual” outside the “norm” slowly faded away. They weren´t even dreaming anymore. They were living their small community life the same way every day, every month, every year.

My family was different. They saved up some money for me, because their parents didn the same for them. They encouraged me to pursue a yoga career, because I was interested in it. They wanted to see me happy, living the life I wanted, even if the life I wanted was different from what they wanted for me. They encouraged me to travel abroad, so I can learn from the best in Bali. This is how I was able to travel to Bali, learn and then teach yoga there for a while. This is how I met someone living in New York, who turned out to be the owner of a yoga studio in the city centre in NYC. Coincidentally this person needed a new yoga instructor and invited me to work for her in her yoga studio in New York, which was my ultimate dream. I am 24, living my dream, because I was taught to dream big, to believe that dreams can come true. I learned that once I allow myself to dream, then it sets some things into action, then I still have to take action and show up in my own life, so I was not just sitting on the couch at home waiting for things to happen for me. But I learned, practiced, got better, and still I want to become the best version of me. I imagine myself being the best version of me, how I am, what I do, whom I am with, where I am, then I allow it to unfold, and of course take action towards the goal.

So To All Of You! YOU CAN, EVEN IF YOU THINK YOU CAN´T, but why don´t you start with just allowing yourself to think “what if…” and let your mind dream. Just turn your mobile off and use 1 hour of your time to set your intentions for 2020.

So today I am going to use my free time to set my intentions for 2020. Set some new goals, think big and DECIDE how the next chapter is going to be in my life. Maybe I want to own my own yoga studio soon 🙂

What are your dreams for 2020?

Sending L<3ve from NYC,




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BY Ariana / September 1, 2021

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