Most of us as experiencing unusual times in 2020. Even more challenging that many of us are living in lockdown again. We are asked to stay inside, reduce our contact with other humans, our social life becomes limited, and our freedom is compromised in general. Many have lost their jobs, as for others, parents are struggling to keep their jobs by trying work from home, while kids are at home at the same time. There is chaos all over. Our daily routines no longer exist and we are unsure how we will pay our bills soon. Thoughts of fear pop up in our mind. Fear of the unknown, the future seems insecure and We can go on and on and on. This list could be several miles long. Trust me, I feel with you. I know what you are going through, and I share your pain. Our yoga studio is also closed, we are not sure if our business will survive the crisis. Moreover my visa was based on my job, so I am not even sure if I can stay in this country that I call my home. I don’t know what the future will bring. Trust me, my personal list is endless too right now.

Most humans face challenges on earth during these difficult times. It’s normal to feel confused and frustrated, but we can feel it deep inside that we want to do something to feel better. To feel balance inside again and some sort of inner peace in the middle of all of this mess.

Why is this all happening to us and what can we do?

Everything in this world happens for a reason, but we don’t always see “the reason” straight away. Sometimes we need to allow things to unfold, and only then we will understand what the higher purpose or meaning of this life event was. Let me give you an example. Once I lost my job. I was disappointed because I felt that I was doing my best and I still got fired, so I felt deceived. I felt devastated because I didn’t know how I would pay my rent next month. So I took a day off to rest out, did some selfcare and meditation. The day after I sat down to write a resume, and halfway through I received a phonecall from Angela, whom I haven’t spoken to for years, because she moved abroad. Angela called to let me know that she recently moved back and she wanted to meet up to talk about a project. I ended up being involved in that project and I didn’t need to worry about paying my rent anymore, and I was even more happy because I got to work with what I loved and I got to spend my time with people who inspired me to be a better person. I let go of the old energy, and allowed the new energy in, which then manifested in the form of exactly what I needed. Therefore I suggest that instead of having your mind stuck on “why is this happening to me” you need to shift over to “what can I do to turn this unfortunate situation into something positive”.

It all starts with us and within us. Everyone is responsible for themselves and their own physical and mental wellbeing. Don’t expect or wait around for someone else to make your life better for you. You need to take charge and the sooner you do it the better. Once you’ve helped yourself and you feel well enough, then you can help others around you too. Remember, if there is an emergency on an airplane you must put your own mask on first, before you help others. The same is also true when it comes to taking care of yourself. So the right thing to do is to TAKE ACTION to make ourselves feel better.


We need to get up & stand up for ourselves.

Sleep in, if you can. Rest out. You can’t even think clearly to solve your problems, if you are overtired. Being rested means that you are halfway there. Don’t waist your time on staying up watching every single news broadcast on the TV about the latest corona news. It’s not healthy for you to be hooked on the media and the news 24/7. Remember that the news will be there every day, and it’s enough to watch it only once a day or even every other day to stay updated. Once you are done with resting out, then decide what your new daily routine is. Write it down, and stick to it even if you don’t have a job anymore. Routines create balance in your life and thereby they are good for you.


Your Body Is Your Temple

Give yourself what you need. Give the right nutritions to your body. The Coronavirus is most dangerous for those, whose immune system is somehow compromised, so supporting your immune system has become more important than ever before. Eat healthy as much as you can, and exercise preferably on a daily basis. There are no excuses. Everyone can find the time, if they want to. So can you. It’s all about prioritising and organising. Add it into your daily routine.


Nourish Your Mind & Soul

Do some sort of meditation. Some people underestimate the importance of taking care of their own psychological and spiritual wellbeing. They have been proven wrong. It is equally important as taking care of our body. Meditating, and calming your mind is becoming increasingly important during difficult times. Let me explain to you why. A lot of people think that meditation means sitting or lying in bed with their eyes closed and it’s sort of a power nap. In reality meditation is all about calming the mind, so your brain gets out of it’s daily “active mode” type of brainwave, and goes over to “relaxing mode” and there are many ways to do this. Meditation means that you find a safe place to rewind. There are many different ways to do this. Let me give you some examples. This can be in the form of cooking and indulging in culinary beauty, or going for a walk in nature. A lot of people don’t know that meditation (the “relaxing mode” of the brain) wavelength equals natures wavelength, which is called theta. This is why it’s so healthy to be out in nature, because you automatically get tuned in with natures frequency, which is “theta”. Earthing is even more healthy, so take off your shoes, and walk around on the ground. Touch the ground. Hug some trees! Get in contact with nature and mother earth. Go for a swim in the sea or lake. It will reboot your whole body and make you more healthy and balanced.

I guarantee you that if you do the above mentioned points, then you will be able to turn your life around. I speak of experience. It worked for me and it worked for many many people I know.

I personally have found a solution to my problem. I am moving my yoga classes online, so I can continue spreading my knowledge, helping others while I also maintain my income flow. I got offered to create my online course on leCademy

It means that I am now getting help from Lifestyle Business eCademy on setting up my online business, recording videos of my yoga and I will combine it with providing support to those, who are interested at actively maintaining health and wellbeing during these challenging times.  I will be back with more useful information soon. Take care of yourselves.

Ariana <3


Espen Krøll

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