Before Halloween was about candy bars and fictional serial killers, it focused on deeper matters. Halloween equals spirits, making Oct. 31 the most perfect time for your spiritual practice. While some may assume this means you’ll need a black witch hat and an ancient spell book, all you’ll really need is access to internet. These meditations for Halloween help you release negativity, increase the power of your intuition and generally be more of a treat than a trick 😉

You won’t even need to be a witch to cast a positive spell over yourself and those around you.

What is scarier than creatures, goblins and ghosts?

It`s your own sacred space infested with anxiety or negativity!

Known to the ancient Celts as Samhain, the holiday occurred on Oct. 31, when the season visibly turned from summer to winter. The festival prepared for the winter’s crippling cold and the arrival of the dead. The Celtics believed spirits returned for “causing trouble and damaging crops.” To ward off these unwanted spirits, fires were built as protection from not only spirits, but the winter ahead, too.

In a way, the early traditions of Halloween were more about protection. Keeping your space safe from the evil spirits that threatened it when the other side released them amongst the living. While we might not have to worry about bone hungry zombies, I’d say anxiety, autumn depression, fear and self-doubt are sort of “figurative zombies”, which might eat away our inner strength. These meditations for Halloween might not be to protect against any actual ghosts, but they are more in line with the spirit of the ancient holiday, which is protection from negativity.

According to Forever Conscious, “Halloween is about celebrating the cycle of death and rebirth … Death and rebirth is an important cycle that happens naturally in nature all the time. It’s also something that is mirrored within us. We are always going through our own process of shedding, releasing and rebirthing ourselves as we travel along the journey of life.” Very true 🙂 This theme is as relevant as ever around Halloween.  And so it could be the perfect time to meditate on your own transformation as a part of your own self-growth.

Energy Cleansing Meditation

Creatures and devils might not be creeping into your body or home, but negativity can accumulate whether you want it or not 🙂  Since your body is your sanctuary, you’re going to want to ward off these negative vibes. You don’t have to take it so far as sleep holding garlic to scare Dracula off. Perhaps just listen to this lightening energy cleansing meditation

or something similar. You can google “energy cleansing meditation” on the internet, and listen to a few of them. Check out which one resonates with you and your present energy level.

Enjoy and see you soon.

Happy Halloween!

Ariana <3




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BY Ariana / September 1, 2021

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