So here is the thing. I’ve learned that the most important relationship in my life is my relationship with myself. Even more interesting is the fact that I can love someone else only as much as I love myself. As I reflect on this on a Sunday afternoon…I release that I have to work more on self love.

I am hereby making an official agreement with myself about the following: 

It’s ok to feel insecure about myself sometimes, and surely everyone else is dealing with insecurities once in a while, even the people you wouldn’t think that they do

I can be insecure and still be a strong person at the same time

Just because I feel insecure sometimes, it doesn’t mean that I SHOULD be

I’ll probably always struggle with insecurity at times, and that’s ok. This often just means that I am out of balance at those times, and the best thing I can do is be aware of it, and get back into balance, or get centered.

I can be insecure and still like myself

Nobody is perfect

I’m capable

I’m enough

I am sure some of you can relate to this. Feel free share your views by commenting bellow.

Enjoy your Sunday and include some self love in your Sunday routine.

Much love,

Ariana <3



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BY Ariana / September 1, 2021

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