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A weekend well spent…

There are thousands of different ways to finish that sentence. Everyone has their own way of living life, but there seems to be some general truths about life. In this case I do truly believe that a weekend well spent sets the energy for the following week.

Weekends should not only be about quickly doing all the housework we don´t get to do during the weekdays, or pleasing all of our friends, who want to go out. We should all use our weekend to rewind and to relax in our own way, regardless of what is expected of us by others. I don`t mean that you should ignore your family, or the needs of your kids. I mean that you should also arrange to have your “me time” let it be a walk in the forest, a foot bath or a drive in your car. Whatever helps you to relax. Often times the best (&quickest) way to relax and reset our energy is to spend some time in nature. Jogging, Hiking, doing some yoga, or just walking around and taking deep breaths of fresh air helps, too. These are all different forms of meditation. Meditation is when you reach a certain level of brainwave, which is called the meditative state. Everyone has different ways of meditating and relaxing. It doesn’t matter which part of the world you live in, this works for all of us! Give it a try.

My weekend will be filled with sunshine, hanging out in my yoga poses, enjoying good food and recharging my batteries in general.

How about yours?

A weekend well spent….

How will you finish that sentence?


Espen Krøll

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