ADVERT: Let`s face it! You just know when stress is over the top, you`ve had enough of practically everyone and everything. Time to take a break and meet your bestie to let off some steam. There is in fact a whole new concept for this, which has taken over all across the globe this year. It makes magic and you will feel like a brand new you the day after! I am hereby giving away THE RECIPE of this concept.

Let`s start with the general prerequisites. The first and most important “ingredient” you need is a reliable babysitter for your kids, so you can really relax. If you don`t have kids, then you just need to make sure that your beloved other half has something meaningful to do, so he will be distracted from calling you continuously.

The second most important ingredient of our “recipe” is your bestie(s). According to the saying the more the merrier. Keep in mind that if you end up being a bigger group, then it`s important to make sure that all of you are in for the same thing.

Once you got the above two main ingredients in place, then all you need to do is just to copy the details of the event I am about to describe bellow. Ready steady glow!

I have recently been invited to the “Bad Moms Christmas” theme party. This amazing event was organised by a company called, The Force. Please feel free to copy the ideas described bellow regardless of the location of your party. The following was “on the menu”:

All females were dressed as Bad Moms or wore their Christmas sweater/outfit. Most men were dressed as Sexy Santas. Being dressed for the occasion helped us getting into the spirit/theme of the event, as well as it set the atmosphere for the night. We were all checking out each others outfits upon arrival.

Some arrived dressed traditional Christmas style 😉

The inspiration of my outfit was candy canes 😉 I chose to wear a simple black dress with white underskirt, but I pimped it up with a pair of candy cane looking shoes. I created a homemade matching belt and headpiece myself. I just love dressing up and creating new things for my outfit every time. Creativity is endless!

A group of Sexy (Bad) Santas chose to wear their identical morning gowns. I reckon that their inspiration was Hugh Hefner 😛 They combined their gowns with a traditional red santa hat and red boxer shorts. See for yourself bellow 🙂 Their outfits certainly got them some attention both outside…

…as well as among the guests inside 🙂

Getting pampered is certainly a good way to start it off! Our nails were done by OPI upon arrival. Alternatively you can also plan getting a facial, a massage, or your hair done at your own Bad Moms theme party.

Music is an essential part of a Bad Moms Christmas get-together. We had DJ Nina Lyons spinning in the background. The music was luckily not too loud, so we could all mingle…

…while we were all sipping our Christmas drinks. We were spoiled by our very own bar tender.

Some of the “Bad Moms” were besties from before 🙂

New friendships were also made almost like in heaven.

The Bad Moms Christmas spirit infected everyone, so all got to enjoy themselves despite the washing machine having shrinked their Christmas sweater last minute 😛

Next thing I remember is that we went to the cinema to see Bad Moms Christmas, which is the new movie starring Mila Kunis, Kirsten Bell and Kathryn Hahn.

We stopped by the “grocery store” of the cinema. I found some snacks there, while others randomly found their “sweater twin mate”. Unisex seems to be in 🙂

Once sitting in my seat I could`t help but notice that it was extremely comfy. Finally some of the “morning gown people” started giving away goodiebags and gifts to some lucky winners. I was wondering, if it could possibly get any better?!

It certainly did! The movie was a lot of fun in itself, but it also touched upon some deeper mother daughter issues and how to address these. I cried both of laughing and being deeply touched by the same movie. How often do you get to experience that?!
Additionally I left feeling that I got enough tips to turn the so called “Christmas stress” into a fun and joyful time for myself and my family by watching this movie. All in all a refreshing comedy with great actors, and an important part of the “Bad Mom” theme party.

We then went on to a private party after the movie. Some others went on to a club to dance, while some called it a night and went home. It is of course up to you how you decide to continue your own “BAD MOMS CHRISTMAS” theme party.

So now you know my story of turning into a “Bad Mom” for a night. It`s your turn now! We would love to hear how your “Bad Moms” theme party turns out by you sending us the funniest picture of your party to latest by 31. November (2017). We will reward the best picture with 2 tickets to the Bad Moms Christmas movie.

So to recap, here is your Bad Moms Christmas theme party recipe:
1. babysitter / husbandsitter / petsitter
2. your bestie(s)
3. Sexy Santa, Bad Mom or Christmas sweater outfits
4. some sort of pampering
5. relevant background music (not too loud, so you can hear each other letting off some steam)
6. your favourite drinks
7. some tickets to the Bad Moms Christmas movie (remember some snacks and some cinemas even allow wine inside the hall during the movie)
8. optional: late night entertainment of your choice

How to prepare it:
Prepare by planning for ingredient 1 and 2.
Once that is done, then mix ingredients 3 – 8 preferably in numeric order.

Enjoy! 🙂


Espen Krøll

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