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For those of you, who don`t know me, I am the founder of Livandu. I have received dozens of questions in my email inbox as well as through my social media accounts. Most of the questions were the same, so please read my answers to some of your questions bellow 🙂 I will first answer your questions related to Livandu, followed by your questions related more to myself.

What is Livandu?

Livandu is the online home of a growing global community of lifestyle enthusiasts, who are passionate about sharing interesting stories of their life & lifestyle with the world. More specifically…

Life is a movie, and we are the movie directors of our own lives. Therefore you may think of Livandu as the platform of an online reality show starred by 30 interesting people from around the world.

I have seen the “GET FEATURED” promotion in social media. What is this all about?

We are in the process of casting the first 30 stars of Livandu. The main focus of Livandu is and will be its 30 stars. We call our stars:

< The Fabulous 30 >

Livandu readers/viewers will have the opportunity to get to know each member of “The Fabulous 30” separately, take a glimpse into their lives, and follow their personal “journey of lifestyle”. Each and every member of “The Fabulous 30” has a different approach to the broad topic of lifestyle, which provides us with a great variety, when it comes to the content they are going to provide us with from all over the world. Their content will come in the form of images, videos and written text. Readers/viewers will also have the opportunity to interact with “The Fabulous 30” at certain times thorough Livandu. More on this later on…

How long will the application process take? What is your selection criteria?

We are continuously receiving and processing applications each day. Our Editorial Assistant, Ingrid is responsible for screening all incoming applications. Please read the article written by Ingrid for more information: GET FEATURED

More info coming under the picture…

Have you discontinued blogging?

I do not particularly like the term “blogging”. I prefer to call it sharing, and in my dictionary “sharing is caring”. I share experiences and knowledge, hoping that it can inspire and transform lives to the better. I will continue to add interesting content to Livandu, but only within 1 specific topic. I will soon reveal this topic 😛 Stay tuned in for it <3

Why do you promote other people on your website and through your social media accounts? 

Great question! For those of you, who are not familiar with the story, yet, I suggest to read this article : WELCOME TO LIVANDU

There is also a deeper story underlying this, but I will reveal that only when I start sharing content on the website again. I promise it will happen very soon.

I am truly happy to see that we have a growing community at Livandu, and I am super excited about developing the Livandu network to a great one.

I would love to answer more questions, but it`s almost 1am, and my eyelids are getting heavy, so ZZZzzz….. 😉

Lots Of Love,



Espen Krøll

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