ADVERT: The Halloween Ball of Nightmares will be held 28th October this year. I still remember the last ball as if it was yesterday. That night was truly unforgettable. We were looking forward to this top secret event as we`ve heard so much about it. We were all smiling, happy and ready for a fun party upon arrival as you can see on our picture. What we didn`t realise was the unbelievable nightmare and devastation that was awaiting us at the ball...

No one was allowed to know the SECRET location of the CRIME SCENE of the ball in advance. All participants had to gather at a pre-agreed place. We luckily made it to the meeting point on time! All guests were wearing great Halloween costumes and we couldn`t recognise any of our friends due to all the wigs and Halloween makeup.

Other guests were repeatedly telling us that EVERYTHING THAT HAPPENS AT THE TOMBSTONE BALL, STAYS AT THE TOMBSTONE BALL.  We thought that was a bit strange, but we expected this all to be a part of the concept of the event, so we started repeating the same sentence to new guests upon arrival. Next we were told that those who were not there on time got left behind and were lost forever in the night. We had a laugh about that 🙂 We then walked to the venue together as a group. This is when we started realising that something was terribly wrong. We had a feeling that this was our walk to hell as we laid our eyes on a demon flying thought the entrance door, but there was no turning back at this point.

This party turned out to be the night of nightmares and the location of demons and spirits of the night gathering for pleasure. All guests got blinded by the light of the demon`s eyes at the entrance door and never remembered what happened afterwards. All good turned evil due to the curse of the magic spell that was whispered into the ears of all guests behind the carefully guarded doors thereafter.

Specialties on the menu included among other things the HANGMAN`S HEAD covered with fresh blood sauce, sparkled with dried flesh spices and delicious FINGER FOOD.

There was no mercy for anyone present! It was the night of no second thoughts or regrets. Due to the spells guests were volunteering to participate in the carefully chosen programs of the night including tortures, hangings, sacrifices and alike. Evil laughs of joy, moaning and screams were being heard all night. Death was not the matter of question. It was inevitable.

Picture to the left: Some of us were told to take a BLOOD BATH.
Picture to the right: Me and my date before the midnight dance. I can`t recall what happened to his upper body 😉 However I remember that we had an argument before we went to the ball…

Some were eating dynamite while others were feeding on human flesh.

All white angels started turning into black angels around midnight. The transformation of their looks was scary enough in itself…on top of this they started drinking fresh blood as refreshment.

More and more tombs were being filled with dead bodies outside, while the midnight dance of ghosts started inside.

Some united in the chapel of death. “You may kiss the bride”…sorry, I meant “the gnome groom” <3


Others chose to stay outside. Their special treat was either to be burned or to be chained up and get buried alive.

A lot more had happened throughout the night, but you know…


After all we don`t want to scare you away 😉 Let`s just say that at the end of the ball all the remains of the dead were buried and never to be found again.

The date of the ball this year is just around the corner: 28th October. There are only a limited number of tickets left to the ball. Only 20 tickets with 20% discount were reserved for some lucky CosmopolitaTV readers to join this secret private event in Oslo. I am not exaggerating, if I say that this is the place to be for Halloween this year. I really wanted to share this special otherwise top secret event with at least 20 of you guys reading this!
Does this sound good to you?


You can contact the organisers

only by sending them a secret message with

through inbox at this LINK HERE

They will respond as they are still alive!
Be aware that this is a once in a lifetime experience (as you will most likely not return home again 😉 )

First come, first served!

I will personally see you there.

Come and say hi to me during the event. P.S.: I will let you try my Superhero Blood Cocktail, but only if you put on a fab Halloween costume.

(I have received some messages. Some of you have asked if it was me on the last picture with the cigar in the mouth & the bottle in the hand. The answer is NO and I don´t know, who she is. Let`s find out at the event. The image is by the way the official invitation that was sent to the invitees.)


Espen Krøll

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