ADVERT: The most stunning social event in Vienna, Budapest and Oslo is clearly the Operaball. There is only 24 hours left to the one being held in Oslo, so this is your chance to get an insight into the Operaball from last year as well as to get hold of a limited amount of discount tickets, which I negotiated for you and a great discount on your new balldress...

Last year I surprised one of my friends with a ticket to the operaball for her birthday 😉 It was an amazing event, and I`d like all of you to get the opportunity to join us for the ball this year, so feel free to use promocode “operaballetsvenner” at in order to get 20% discount on your tickets 😉 ADVERT By the way you can see a fab video of the Operaball from last year at the end of this article, but first thing first.

ADVERT My friend and I met up at the VIP room of Jan Thomas Studio to get ready for the occasion.

We arrived to the location of the ball somewhat early, so we had time to get the best seats upstairs 😛 As you can see our view of the happening was amazing.

The music was great, so we even got to join the dance. However only for a short while due to my dress…more on this later on. First check out some pictures of the event, the venue, the amazing interior, lights and the orchestra. It was my friend and neighbour Ida Natalie Jørgensen taking all the pictures of me during the evening.

A part of the event took place at Gamle Logen, which is a truly spectacular venue in the middle of Oslo.

Back to my dress…I wanted to wear an outfit, which resembled a dress from the middle ages, but it was a last minute choice and I didn`t know where to go shopping for a suitable dress, so unfortunately I ended up with a dress, which was pretty uncomfortable and it was restricting me in moving around. We live and learn as they say, so ladies! Your choice of dress at a ball is essential. I promised myself that this year I would do a proper research and make a better choice, so I get to make the best out of the Operaball, including the dance, which is an important part of the whole concept. Interestingly enough I even got the opportunity to wear a dress from Orchid this year. This year I will be wearing the light blue version of the dress you can see on the picture bellow. ANNONSE: You can use promo code CTVOB20 to getting your very own balldress with 20% discount in the Orchid store in Kongensgate, Oslo. Offer ends Saturday evening.

Here comes the video of the Operaball from last year, as promised. Check it out and I am looking forward to seeing you at the ball tomorrow! 🙂


Espen Krøll

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