We are proud to announce our new topic called “Invest In Yourself” here on the blog. The “Invest in yourself” concept is designed to support those of you willing to take care of yourself an your family by indulging in natural meals, beverages and products created by YOU :)

This will be ran by two health coaches, who are also sisters at the same time: Mon and Ara from Spain. They are passionate about healthy lifestyle and they would like to share their passion for healthy lifestyle with us.

< Their diet is mostly plant based with just the right amount of protein in it. They believe in the power of vegetables and fruits for achieving balance, health and longevity.

< They love to cook and experiment in the kitchen with different ingredients. They create delicious and at the same time healthy meals for their whole family. We are so lucky as they will be sharing these amazing recipes with us here on the blog from now on.

< They will also share tips on how to create your beauty products with natural ingredients.

< They will share other lifestyle related tips.

To sum up “ Invest In Yourself “ will be perfect for those of you, who are thinking of changing your lifestyle. It is for those of you willing to feel and be more energetic and healthy as part of your everyday lifestyle by winning over anxiety, stress, weight issues or cravings and turn all of those around. Does this sound like a good plan to you? Start following Invest In Yourself by Mon and Ara here.

You can also get a personal lifestyle plan designed only for you by contacting the sisters at investinyourself@cosmopolitatv.com



3 Easy Ways To Re-Energize Yourself

BY Ariana / September 1, 2021

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