Spring is here and everything starts to blossom, including our new Influencer “Kickass Karianne” here on CosmopolitaTV.

Kickass Karianne has a mindset & lifestyle, which will inspire all of us. She holds an M.A in Mental Health as well as she is a certified PT & Mental Trainer.

Karianne is ready to share her kickass knowledge with us, as well as guiding us to a better lifestyle from now on. She would like all of us to blossom just like herself 🙂 Follow her journey together with us.


Coffee Scrub DIY

Coffee Body Scrub DIY

BY Invest In Yourself / March 16, 2020

Espen Krøll

Advertisement created by Espen Krøll for Dakine, Lifestyle Business eCademy, iVebz, Norwegian Couture

Corona Quarantine: Personal Experience & Survival Tips

BY Espen Krøll / March 13, 2020

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