Brand new topic with Harley Hanson on CosmopolitaTV! Relevant for so many of us. It involves the naked truth about a man`s everyday challenges in 2018. He is a superdad, business owner, musician, music & TV producer, ghost buster, personality and youth counsellor, just to name a few of his "occupations". He is doing his best to divide himself up among the different aspects of life. What makes him different from all of us it that his heart stops everyday due to a special health condition...

Catching up with Harley Hanson is always inspirational. However meeting up with him last time was not only inspirational, but also lifechanging.

Sometimes we all need someone to talk to. Right? I am sure you´ve been in that situation before. It was Harley`s turn this time. We started our meeting with talking about our collaboration over a cup of coffee. Harley opened up to me about his exciting plans for the future, then about his everyday challenges on the way to achieving his goals, and before I noticed I unexpectedly turned into the “psychologist” friend for the day 🙂 Just to name 1 of Harley`s everyday challenges is that he practically dies everyday, as his heart stops everyday due to a special health condition. I was shocked to hear about his condition and suddenly my respect for him got magnified. First I thought my everyday challenges were overwhelming, but then suddenly my challenges seemed nothing considering what Harley was dealing with every single day due to his health condition combined with his regular everyday responsibilities…

If you look at your life as a movie in itself, then you are the main movie character in your own life. You write the story of your own life by choosing your thoughts, creating your decisions and actions, which then reflects through where you are at in your everyday life.

Harley`s life movie has certainly arrived to an interesting point. In fact I found that it was so interesting that I decided to share it with you guys, and not only that. I even asked Harley to continue sharing his life with all of us here on CosmopolitaTV in the future. I believe that we all can gain inspiration from his “real life movie” and we can be the audience sitting in the cinema in front of a widescreen.

Interesting to know that I am not the only person finding his story inspirational. He has been previously featured on numerous TV programs through different TV channels, radio and so on.

Moreover interesting to know that he even produces his own show, and recently his own movie.

He is also working on his brand new music video, which leads us back to the original purpose of my meeting with Harley, as he kindly offered me the role of being the “psychologist” in this new music video. I guess he was just testing out my “psychologist” skills after all 😉 I am looking forward to the new assignment! 🙂

The new music video we will be working on is called “The Devil Calls”.

Enough said by me! We can only be looking forward to a fascinating experience with Harley. Let`s stay tuned in at what Harley himself has to share with us here on CosmopolitaTV. I am sure he will make a difference and a positive change in your lives, too.


Espen Krøll

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