This is my very good friend Finn from Norway and myself. He is the founder of this beautiful organisation called Young Future here in the Philippines. His name is Finn Wattenberg.



I have worked with Finn for 3 years supporting his organisation and traveled the USA together seeking financial support. This was his last day here in the Philippines and he is returning to Norway tomorrow due to some personal issues. The foundation will continue it`s operations here. It will be lead by a carefully chosen trusted group of people.

The kids are orphans. Sadly they were abandoned. I have known these kids since they were babies and Finn has supported them with housing, education, food, clothing, medical and the list goes on.

We have celebrated 17th May the Norwegian way commemorating Finn`s departure here in the Philippines today.

The kids enjoyed walking the “train”, which is a Norwegian tradition.

The train was then followed by singing and speech.

This was such an emotional time for me witnessing the kids sadness due to Finn`s departure. Just so beautiful.

This is the sad part when the kids are saying goodbye to Finn. They are presenting him with presents, hugging him and the tears are running. He is the only father they know…

I`ll be back with more updates soon.

Derrick Brown // Founder of Everybody Gets To Eat



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