I haven`t posted for a while as I took a trip back to the USA. I was busy with accounting and other things I had to sort out, not to mention raising funds for our good causes.

We are constantly looking for new ways to support people in countries in need of help, such as India. This is my life purpose, and this is the life purpose of everyone working with me. Once we are physically there, then they tell us what issues they are facing and what they need help with and we listen.

Mother’s living in Jaipur India slums are exposed to very harsh living conditions, as they try to care for their kids. Families walk barefoot for hours searching for meaningful work at markets or even at construction sites where bricks are carried on women and children’s heads to removed debris from the site. Most of the time this is accomplished without any footwear protection. Trash is unfortunately all over the place.

One of our ways of doing something that matters is by giving comfort to families living in Jaipur India slums by providing sandals to protect their feet from glass and other harmful elements. It is one of the most common and dangerous ways of getting harmful bacteria and viruses into their bodies.

This short video sums up the living conditions, the people in need and one of the newest ways we support them after they have told us about their needs.

Thanks for watching and remember your support is always welcomed.

Have a great evening,

Derrick Brown // Founder of Everybody Gets To Eat


Espen Krøll

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