I promised to come back to you with specific insider information about the causes I support. This time I am showing you one of our school projects. It is only one of many projects we run. This is one of the schools we have built for children. I felt privileged working on supporting this cause. You can see the school without the doors and furniture on the first picture bellow.

Then we added the white doors for protection and cleaned up the area, so children can play in a safe environment in the breaks between the lectures.

Here you can see the children already taking over the school. They are enjoying both learning and making friends in the breaks. We are very focused on creating a safe and fun learning atmosphere for them.

This child is improving her writing skills on the blackboard. Notice how well she is writing with her left hand.

This is the startup package every child gets from us. It includes everything they need to start learning and developing themselves.

It is a beautiful and rewarding job contributing to building schools for children.

What causes do you support? Tell me by commenting in the comment filed bellow.

Derrick Brown // Founder of Everybody Gets To Eat


Espen Krøll

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