I`ve been waiting to do this for so long!!

GUYS, LET ME PRESENT TO YOU The Main Character Of My New Book

Spot 🐮, the Baby Cow!

My first children´s book will officially be out November 29th, in time for Black Friday! I have been working on this project for months, and I am so excited / anxious / nervous / giddy to finally put it out there. The sole purpose of this book is to help children relate to farm animals on a more deeper level, and hope that it positively influences them to make positive lifestyle decisions growing up.

To kick off the release, I am hosting a book release party for kids (ages 2-8) in Noew York Sunday November 24th. If you have a son/daughter/niece/nephew and are interested please DM me (space is super limited).

I will be speaking and doing a book signing session at the New York Vegan Christmas Market Sunday December 2nd at 2pm. More details will come.

In December, after New York I am hoping to make my way to Boston, Toronto (mid Dec), and then hopefully Miami (near end of Dec). I will be posting about events as they come up! I am looking for volunteers at each one of these locations (including NY) so if you want to get involved and have some fun, DM ME! <3

The book will be available in ebook format as well. If you want your book to come with an adorable plush toy, I will be selling bundles at each one of my signings and events.

A huge thank you to everyone who has continued to support me through my crazy ideas. When I talk to people I have met through social media or Livandu, and see how genuine their enthusiasm is for a project I`m working on, it make me incredibly happy. The world can be full of negative people sometimes but I am blessed to be surrounded by people who tell me “you can do it! <3

Grinning hard, it´s gonna be a fun December ♥️




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