Now that it´s officially November, I can finally dive into my favourite time of the year!

White growing up in my hometown Vancouver (Canada), every yer my friends and I would fundraise to raise money towards making care packages for the homeless & their pets. Not many people are aware that most homeless shelters DO NOT allow pets. Therefore, a lot of times people chose to live out in the streets with their pets so that they don´t have to give them up. With the cruel NYC (New York City) winter on its way, I wanted to team up with other New Yorkers his year to help me carry on this little tradition of giving <3


One of things I will be doing this year is sending out Christmas cards with cute little hand written personalised notes in exchange of $3 donation. That´s literally a cup of coffee! All proceeds will go towards purchasing items such as blankets, socks, doggy sweaters, jackets, granola bars, etc for care packages. I will post all the care packages being assembled and distributed in NYC, so you know your funds are going to a good cause.

Please click on this link to donate: DONATE

ANY amount counts!! <3

Please DM me your addresses after, so I can send you a Christmas card: DM me here

Are you in New York and want to help? Shoot me a DM as we´re planning more fundraising events in the near future! 🙂



Aka <3


Espen Krøll

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