?I think a huge part of the reason I grew up to become a vet was because I bonded with dogs and cats at an early age. As a child, I grew up watching Clifford the Big Red Dog, carried around puppy plush toys and read books where dogs and cats were portrayed as loving, loyal, and very relatable characters to children. Later on, our school even implemented a program where children read TO dogs (lots of pros there, look it up!).?

?As I became older, more informed and therefore a more vocal activist for animal rights, I always made it a point to try to positively influence the next generation. It is important for us to give them the tools to make smarter, more ethical and most importantly- more compassionate choices. While in Boston I was able to go out and read to children and teach them about basic pet care, with my friends beloved Golden puppy which was a huge success??

?But I often wondered whether if children grew up reading and learning about farm animals (in a positive light), then just maybe they would also be able to relate to them more. Maybe they would realize that cows, pigs, sheep, chickens are all smart, intelligent and emotional creatures and don’t differ from dogs and cats. Maybe they would question why dogs and cats are kept as pets, and eating them is taboo, but why other animals are okay to eat. I also wondered how I could do that without bringing a baby cow into a classroom??

?A few months later and I am finally able to announce that I will be launching a children’s story book in the few upcoming weeks! The purpose of this book is to simply show farm animals in a positive, happy light. Despite me sometimes referring to it as a “vegan” children’s book, there will be no explicit, nor graphic content, it will solely aim to connect with kids at a basic level of compassion. And for nostalgia sake, each book will have the option of being purchased with a cute plush toy.?

SPOT the Baby Cow will be out on Amazon, Barnes & Nobles and other major retailers/online November 2019. Book tour TBD soon! ???????

Remember to enjoy the beauty of autumn…

…together with your pets of course! 😉

Will be back soon 🙂

Take care,

Aka x


Espen Krøll

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