We decided to take a weekend getaway to Barcelona, Spain. I could do the traditional trip guiding approach to this post, but honestly. I can`t be bothered. There are hundreds of tour guide websites online, which tell you all about the usual sights to see in Barcelona. I prefer to focus only on the highlight of my trip, which I REALLY REALLY want to share with you, because it was a proper special experience I will remember forever. So it`s actually at a smaller place called Girona, which is a little bit over an hour drive from Barcelona, but the trip is worth it!

So my friends and I went to this amazing restaurant for the first time, and I am used to eating out…but honestly I have never seen something like this before. It was edgy, yet traditional, modern, stylish and exclusive, yet without the unnecessary uptightness 😛 Everyone was friendly and the atmosphere was uplifting. The place is a culinary legend on its own. This restaurant has won the world`s best restaurant title 2 times already and it has 3 michelin stars.

They were serving an 18 course tasting menu. Yes, I wrote it correctly and you read it right. Not 1, not 8, but 18 course menu. You might be wondering how we could eat so much, but really it was not like that. I could still go dancing after dinner. The specialty of the restaurant is about providing unique culinary experience to the guests by serving smaller portions of specially prepared and designed courses. Each course has it`s own well thought through special touch, which makes it extraordinary. The whole dinner is more like a theatre experience with food in a way, but it all happens on your plate in front of you.

So for starters…let me show you some of the dishes. Here comes my favourite. It was served inside a globe! This dish was called “AROUND THE WORLD” You first picked the dishes from smaller plates which were placed around the globe and then, surprise! You could open up the globe and…

It was like open sesame…the surprise dish was served on top of a glowing thing inside the globe. The coolest way to serve a dish I have ever seen in my whole life, my friends! So much creativity and innovation. It`s incredible 🙂
The dish inside the globe is called “SEAWATER AND CAVIAR”

The different masterpieces of food melted together in my mouth perfectly.

Then came this dessert nicely arranged hanging from the branches of the mini tree. All of this happening right in front of you on your plate while you are sipping on some exceptional wine, my friends!
This culinary experience dish is called “BONSAI TREE WITH OLIVE ICE CREAM”

And there was so much more, but I also had to eat and enjoy the moment. I also think that you will understand more by watching this yummy video bellow:


Espen Krøll

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