So I went to my uncle’s house for lunch last Sunday. It was kinda a family gathering. The rest is history…

The next thing I know is my mobile rings, and my uncle tells me he’s got tested with Corona.

Long story short I was told to stay in quarantine for 2 weeks. I can’t go to work, I am not allowed to go close to people, I am not allowed to go to public places…

I don’t feel sick at all. I think this is more about the precaution, it’s prevention that matters, so we disable the virus from spreading over to those, who might get very sick from it, such as the elderly. I’ve researched a bit and the data I’ve found might be interesting to share with you. The coronavirus had infected 128,392 people globally and killed 4,728 as of Friday (13th March) morning, according to data from Johns Hopkins University’s Center for Systems Science and Engineering, while 69,607 recoveries have been logged. So that’s actually pretty promising. Lot of people, who were in fact sick have already recovered. It’s also being said that Corona seems to be decreasing in China, that is the place where it all started.

Many people ask me what precautions and action I had taken while staying in quarantine. Let’s start with the most important part of it all….FOOD 🙂

  1. FOOD: I made a shopping list of everything I thought I needed for 2 weeks. This is kind of important because you don’t want to call your friends 10 times a day to send them buy you stuff. Of course there were things I didn’t think of, which I added to my next list…then I had to call some friends, who did grocery shopping for me, and left the food outside my house on my doorstep. I can drink tapwater at home, so I don’t need to think about that luckily.
  2. SOCIAL LIFE: This is the tricky part of the whole thing. There is no social life in real life during the 2 weeks of quarantine, which really sucks. I am only 5 days into the quarantine, but I am already feeling the negative impact of the compulsory “home alone” experience. It really helped me to socialise online, I FaceTime a lot with family and friends and stuff like that.
  3. ENTERTAINMENT: I’ve watched some cool movies, both online and on tv, called friends I haven’t spoken to for a long time, I reorganise the furniture in my living room, I
  4. TURNING THE NEGATIVE INTO POSITIVE: This is the coolest part.  I’ve decided to start my own online business, so next time I get sick, or I go traveling or something, then I don’t have to take time off from work, so I teamed up with Lifestyle Business eCademy and Ivebz Creative Agency to create my very own online business concept.

That’s all I can tell you for now, but more details are coming soon 🙂

So all in all I think I will “survive” the quarantine. It’s more about making some adjustments, in addition to making the best out of the time, by that I mean the duration of the quarantine, that I now have available for myself and to invest in myself through starting my online business. This way when I am finished with my quarantine I can look back and say, that corona actually made a positive difference in my life. It’s all up to me, and up to you how YOU react.

Having said that, I need to get back to planning the year, which is still going to be the best year ever!



Espen Krøll

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