I couldn´t find my favourite ring, so I decided to go and look for it. I took some time off work and I told my friends about the situation. It seemed like a possibly dangerous journey for my friends, so two of them offered to come along, just to make sure I`ll be fine, as the traces seemed to lead to the far away land called Bulgaria.

We packed our backpacks and off we went looking for my precious ring ?

We followed the traces, which surprisingly led us to the Black Sea coast line of Bulgaria. First the traces lead us to and through some caves. Check out the amazing rock formations bellow. By the way those are my loyal friends, who joined me for the trip: Polina and Patrick 🙂

The vibes in and around the caves were amazing. It felt as if time had stopped. The fresh air combined with the nature sounds all over us were very relaxing.

As we moved forward, we then found ourselves inside the cave where things started to look like freaky Friday, but we knew that the power of friendship will keep us safe, so we had nothing to worry about.

Luckily we got to a small gate, which lead us out of the cave, so we could leave this interesting experience behind. Then the traces led us to a mysterious old roman bath called the Aquae Calidae, which was nicely renovated with chill atmosphere, so we decided to hang out there for a while to rest out.

Then I was like, this is all great, but where is my ring ??!

So we continued the search the following day. This time the traces led us to a tiny hobbit house in a small town called Burgas on the Black Sea coast. It took us lots of effort to get there, but it was worth it. Check out the amazing little hobbit house bellow. It was built out of stone, and all covered by grass on the roof, which reminded me of my home country, Norway and I started missing home. In Norway we have a saying “Borte bra men hjemme best!”, which translates to “Away is fine, but it´s best at home.”

The hobbit house also had tiny windows, and a super tiny entrance door. Just like in the movie! A picture says a thousand words, so there we go:

Unfortunately I didn`t get to take any pictures inside the hobbit house because it was even to low to rise up in there, so I looked on youtube and found this short video of the actual hobbit house, and the place where you can find it in case you don`t want to travel all the way to New Zeeland to visit the hobbit houses, that were used in the famous movie. You can watch it here:

…and so we finally found the ring ? and it was time to go home 😛

End of story until next time. I´ll be back with more.

Take care,



Espen Krøll

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