This short film addresses the important issue of anxiety, that unfortunately affects more and more people in our society every day. My task was to play the role of John in the short film. John is a single and lonely man, who tries to escape his everyday thoughts of depression and restlessness to find some inner peace.

Honestly I´ve really had a great time during this filming. I feel that I have learned a lot about myself, grown as a person and improved my skills, when it comes to playing a more complex role. It was very exciting to be a part of this project.

Guys and girls out there,

You are all worthy! You are worthy of love, abundance and a great life. Focus on the good, authentic, and positive and it will increase in your life. Depression and anxiety will eventually fade away.

Don´t ever give up. ❤️

…And one more thing before I share the link to the video. I´d like to thank the crew for making this filming a memorable one! Enjoyed working with you guys: Christian Søgaard, Aleksander Haugdal, Kevin Kleiven, Petter Grindahl, Kim Brinch.  

Enjoy the short film!


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