Dear Members And Readers,

Today is my first day as editorial assistant at Livadu. I will be your first point of contact regarding your applications for the GET FEATURED section.

I´ve done my best to go through as many emails as possible earlier today. My answers to some of your questions are as follows:

What had happened to Cosmopolitatv? 

Please read the article, which has been posted on both Cosmopolitatv and Livandu earlier this week: WELCOME TO LIVANDU

I´ve sent in my application to get featured 2 days ago. Why haven`t I heard back from you?

We´ve received a lot of applications from influencers from all over the world, and we`re in the process of reviewing them. We´ll get back to everyone, but this process takes some time due to the high number of applications. We apologise for the inconveniences this might cause.

How many people are you going to feature on Livadu? 

We are planning to focus on featuring only 30 people repeatedly, so readers can follow their lifestyle through Livandu.

What type of people will be featured? 

We are looking for a core group of influential people from all over the world.

Our selection criteria:

  • you have an international mindset
  • you are successful with lots of experience and knowledge to share, or we find that you have the potential to become successful within one or several areas of the lifestyle industry
  • speak good (close to fluent) English
  • you have interesting content to share

I am looking forward to getting to know you all. You can reach me at


I will be back with more information and updates later on this week.






Espen Krøll

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