Are you looking for an original present to give to your friends, or family this Christmas? It is very original to give something that you’ve prepared yourself. This body butter is a great gift option, as it is good both for your skin and your health. You will see how amazing it is ;)

Why do we encourage you to prepare your own beauty products?

Our skin shows how healthy we are. It helps if you eat healthy, exercise regularly and limit your alcohol intake. All of these contribute to achieving a radiant skin, but you need to take care of your body inside and outside. For example if we clean our house with products that are toxic and with pesticides, then we are harming our health, as all particles enter your body and the same happens with beauty care products (body butters, deodorants, hair products and cosmetics), If you use products with colorants, toxins, and ingredients that you can´t pronounce, then you can be sure that it`s not good for you. We have to take charge of our own health.

The best part of preparing your own products is being able to pick & choose the smell that you like 😉

We particularly love to prepare our body butters. It is very easy and when you do a batch you have somewhere around 4 to 6 body butters. Our favourite is the one with white chocolate. It`s very hydrating, the smell is amazing, and it`s 100% organic.

Benefits of the ingredients that we use in this recipe:

Vitamin E – improves moisture and elasticity while acting as a natural anti-aging nutrient

Shea butter – boosts collagen production, has moisturising properties penetrating deep into the skin, reduces stretch marks scarring and cellulite

Cocoa butter – has saturated fats that are especially beneficial for healing dry and cracked skin, because they are easily absorbed and remain in the skin for hours. You can mix it with other oils like olive, jojoba or organ, if you want to optimise the results.

Jojoba oil – one of the benefits is that it plays the role of sebum and moisturises our skin when our body stops doing it naturally. On the other hand it removes excess oil, too, so it keeps your oil levels balanced.

Olive oil – penetrates deeply into the skin, helps restore skin, smoothness and protects against ultraviolet light.

Natural colorant – made from cherries, raspberries and beetroot.

Here is how we prepare Cocoa Body Butter:


• 1 cup shea butter
• 1 cup of cocoa butter
• 1 cup coconut oil
• 1 cup of olive oil, or jojoba oil
• Your choice of smell: we use 30 drops of lavander essential oil
• Natural colorant: we use pink (beetroot)


– In a bowl mix the shea butter, cacao butter, coconut oil and jojoba oil
– Put this bowl in warm water bath until all the oils melt due to the high temperature
– Let them cool in the fridge for 1 hour or until you see that the texture of it is getting a little bit hard
– Take it out of the fridge and add the essential oil that you chose for the smell, add the natural colorant. Mix it with help of a blender until it gets a spongy texture (more or less 4 to 5 minutes)

– Store it in a glass container with lid. You should store it in the fridge if the climate is very warm in your area.

Easy for such a great product 😉

We will love to see your creations! You can tag us @investinyourself7 🙂



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BY Ariana / September 1, 2021

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