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I am not in the Maldives right now, but I saw the pictures about that awesome location all over Livandu, so I decided to post some of my pictures from the Maldives. I was there only 2 months ago.

I just wanted to say hello and to tell you I love traveling and I want to inspire you to travel with me. I travel all year and I have been to many places, but the Maldives is one of the most awesome places I have been to. I guess many of you are wondering how I can afford just hanging out and travel 365 days a year.

There are two ways to travel. One of them is to pay loads of money for flight tickets, hotels, transfers, food, insurance, activities +++

The other way is the way I travel.

The truth is it does not cost me anything. I am collaborating with travel companies, who offer me the opportunity to travel in exchange of me doing two things for them.

One of those two things is creating content for them. “Content” is me making videos and pictures on location. I usually take pictures of the local sights, the hotel and the people. I take pictures of everything I find interesting. I bought a drone, so I can take arial pictures and videos, too.

The second task requires some administration. Some travel companies also ask me to give them feedback about the places I visit, the services at the local hotels, about waiters and hotel staff and last but not least the quality of the interesting organised sightseeing.

Do you choose to pay for your travel, or to travel for free? Let me know in the comment field bellow. I want to choose 2 people, whom I can coach to become paid travellers just like me, so they can travel together with me. I will tell you how I will choose those two travel partners. Stay tuned in 🙂

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