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I took some time off from traveling and stayed at home in LA. Got bored of LA after a few weeks, so I called my buddy, who lives in Sweden. I told him we should do something different. I wanted to experience some proper autumn vibes, see some proper autumn colors, cooler temperature, crispy air, you get the picture. So he invited me over to Sweden.

Booked my flight the same day. My buddy surprised me with a roadtrip, so I get to see his country. We drove to his family`s weekend house first. It was awesome. Loads of nature and good autumn vibes. Exactly what I needed.

We are just busy catching up, climbing rocks and rewinding. It involves a lot of thinking about the past year, all traveling, experiences, things I should not have done, things I should have done etc I realised I travelled to 15 countries in 12 months. That`s not that bad. 2019 has been a good year, and 2020 will be even better. BUT! There are still 2 months left to travel in 2019 😛

One thing for sure I am not ready to give up my traveling, yet. I am ready to spend some more time here in Sweden. Sweden, Swedish people and Swedish hospitality is great.

See where things take me from here.

I`ll keep you updated.



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