October Is All About Spirits, so I have chosen a topic, which is related to spirituality and it is also very relevant to modern society. We all have dreams and goals in life. Did you know that your own spiritual ego might be blocking you from living a better life, or becoming the best version of yourself?

I have created a video related to this topic, which you find bellow.

I have also included the written version of the video, so you get to enjoy the content even if you can not watch the video with the sound on right now. You might be on your way to work sitting on a crowded subway without your headset… in case you are in a similar situation then scroll down and you will find the text under the video. Enjoy!

Please find a recap of the video bellow:

Do you feel like you don’t need to “work hard” anymore?

As we dive deeper into ourself we find that everything we need is already inside of us. So why bother working hard! Well here are a few reasons why…

Thinking emits energy, talking emits more energy and action emits the MOST energy. The more aligned we become with our core values, the easier it is to attract opportunities into our life. However the only opportunity that will be given is the opportunity to take action.

This is what Nipsey Hustle means by “How long ’til opportunity meet preparation?” Are you prepared to take ownership of the opportunity you’ve been waiting for?

Are you using spirituality as an escape?

At first connecting with our soul/spirit feels like the escape we’ve seeking our whole life for. As we become more connected to our internal world, it will start breaching into our external world. This is not a flaw, this is by design.

Our brain can’t decipher between reality and our imagination. The events that unfold in our life are reflections of what’s going on inside of us. When we avoid doing our shadow work our traumas will manifest into our day to day life. It’s easy to think, “I will change once my circumstances change.” But that’s the opposite of how things work. Would you say to an empty fire pit “Once you give me warmth I will give you wood?”

Do you feel more “sacred” than others?

I’m guilty of this! I’ve been a health nut my whole life which led me to feel more “sacred” than those who do not treat their soul’s temple as well. But the core of spirituality is remembering we are all one, we are equal.

Love is a verb that means “to serve others.” To serve others is to embody a high level of compassion to those who are not as spiritually evolved as you. I practice bowing when I begin to feel my spiritual ego inflate. Reminding myself that I am nothing more than a humble servant, a warrior of the light.

It’s completely natural to catch yourself having a spiritual ego. The important thing is that you correct your thoughts when you become aware of what’s happening. I hope these 3 signs help you align with your dharma as much as they’ve helped me.

Keep in mind that the video is more comprehensive, so you might still want to watch it when you can 🙂


Jon Crisler <3 // Life Coach


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