Since it was Halloween Livandu decided on starting a little conspiracy, so we have to admit that we were spying on some of our Livandu members ONLY on the occasion of Hallowen. Let`s check in to see what they have been up to.

After having climbed Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, Kickass Karianne had found her way back to her safe place at the gym and had an amazing Halloween workout.

Nick Henry enjoyed one night of making a statement about “what a crazy world we live in” by turning into Joker on the streets of Chicago. Love the makeup!

Dr. Aka Anwar alias The Traveling Vet decided to spread some black bunny love together with friends in New York. Great outfit, great vibes!

Camilla Olsvik started the night by being a friendly kitty cat, only to turn into a purge icon and taking hostages after midnight in Oslo. That knife…help!!! I am scared 🙂

Ahmad Nazim spent most of his day underwater as usual, dressed as the dark knight only for the special occasion of Halloween. As soon as he came ashore, he turned into The King Of Fish to attend the yearly Halloween party of The Maldives. I suddenly feel like going for a swim 🙂

Jon Crisler decided to stay at home in California. He got inspired to create an amazing video about some scary Halloweenish, but at the same time super important topic for us. More on that in the following days. Stay tuned in 🙂

Cosmopolita attended a lavish Halloween party in London. She actually wrote a story about it, check it out: The Dragolloween Ball At The Haunted Mansion

More interesting stories to come during the week.

Stay tuned in.


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