Hello All! I am finally back from a few weeks of travel 🙂 I feel refreshed and ready to give you some exciting updates.

Finally I am allowed to share the exciting news with you. Or tech guys have been working on some major changes of the Livandu website for several weeks now. We´ve been looking very much forward to this.

They just informed us that they are finally ready to implement these changes,

meaning that they will add the changes to the live website, which will require that Livandu goes offline for a few days. Once the tech guys are done with the implementation of the changes on the website, then the new Livandu concept will be available for all readers and users as usual. We will inform you as soon as Livandu is back online thorough social media and by sending out the newsletters for those of you who have registered. Feel free to email me, if you have any questions. Enjoy your weekend. Best, Ingrid // Editorial Assistant Livandu // ingrid@livandu.com



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