The newest member of our tribe, Jens Jerman Bright Taylor is preparing to share with us the exciting everydays of his life as a lifestyle business owner as well as a keen traveller.

He travels extensively both for work and private, often times together with his girlfriend.

He visited 16 countries, 47 cities and 145 new places only in 2019.

We can’t wait to hear all about his amazing experiences. At this point you might be wondering why he is traveling so much specifically to these destinations, but we’ll leave it up to him to explain that to you.

Additionally Jens also owns an innovative fashion lifestyle concept called MyAlterEgo, which he will be introducing to us here at Globbu.

Let’s follow Jens on his exciting journey in life and lifestyle!

He’ll be back with his first story to share with us within only a few days.

Have a great rest of the evening,



Espen Krøll

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