Now that I caught your attention… 😉

This picture was taken at a photoshoot on a hot day last summer by the beach in Chicago. I decided to share this picture, because I really miss summer, as it is a rainy day today. I just prefer summer over autumn and lots of rain, as most people do. 

There is one good thing about autumn though. I tend to be more focused on my career, which is a good thing, I guess. My career is about social media.

I am a social media enthusiast, so I kind of know a lot about this topic. You know…macro vs. micro influencing, the advantages and disadvantages, why quality matters more than quantity of followers, good strategies to do networking on social media, tagging, how to boost engagement from other users, giveaways and all that.

Lots of people in my network ask me to give them tips, so I advise them on how to build their social media effectively. This is why I decided to share tips & tricks here with all of those, who are interested to know more about this hot topic. Almost as hot as that day when I had that photoshoot at the beach…

So stay tuned in as I will be sharing my first social media tips with you here at Livandu very soon.


P.s.: Just one more bellow… 😉

See ya soon



Espen Krøll

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