Too many people think social media success is measured by gaining a few hundred thousand followers in a few months, getting over a thousand likes on a post, or loads of engagement from all over the world. Your target audience is moat likely not everyone in the world, so why should your social media profile influence everyone? Don’t get me wrong, these are all good stuff and definitely worth a mention. My question to you is: are these high traffic numbers doing anything for your brand, or your sales?

If you are building your brand – and chances are that you do since you are reading this article – then one of the important things you can do is to specify, who your target audience is. Every service, or product out there has it`s ideal group of customers. The idea is that if you share targeted content, then it will attract the right audience, which then leads to more customer engagement and sales. An interesting post forms a bridge between you and your clients. A specific example would be if you sell makeup, then your target group is (mostly;) women at a certain age, so then you would share content, which attracts that target group, and a certain % of those, who see the content will end up buying the product at the end.

MY point is focus on WHO is engaging with your posts. An extra five likes on your post from a Russian bot account means nothing for your brand. lol
Comments from users under 18 on your vodka label’s latest picture doesn’t exactly make a difference for your brand…but a positive comment from a person, who falls into your target audience asking specifics about your product or service certainly does make a big difference.
Fifteen fire emoji comments from Adam Wood in a part of the world you don’t sell to is worth a big zero. Whereas even just getting a like from a person, who fits into your target group on your post, regardless of if they engage with it or not, is a lot more valuable than you think.

The thing is you cannot expect immediate results from social media. As long as you’re consistently posting, the followers and responses you need to get started will come by itself. Focus on creating quality content specifically targeted to your audience, so that they are influenced in wanting to get to know you and your services more.

That is how you use your social media platforms effectively and ensure you’re sticking to the reason why you are actually doing it, which ideally is promoting your brand in order to generate more sales.

I`ll be back with more good stuff soon.

Nick 😉


Espen Krøll

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