There are different variations of makeup for photoshoot. We are getting into makeup for a fashion / portrait photoshoot today. Generally speaking it has to be stronger, than regular daytime makeup

This article is part 1 of a series of tutorials. I`d like to start with telling you about the basics of professional makeup for photoshoots. This will then be followed by more detailed information and tutorial videos later on. Let`s start with the basics.

Model: Stine at TFMmodels – Stylist: Fredrik Thompson – MUA / hair: Tristan Makeup (myself) – Photography: Igor Zaitcev

The camera doesn`t capture makeup and color with all its vibrancies the same way as it`s visible for us in real life. It is very important that we apply more makeup for photoshoots than we would normally do in everyday life.

Even if we want a subtle makeup look in the photos, we still need to really exaggerate the makeup we’re applying, because it will not show up as strong through the camera.

Strong lights in the studio sort of absorb most of the makeup (40% – 60%). It makes it look less dramatic than it really is, and the photographer always directs lots of lights at people during a photoshoot.

We have to make sure to apply, or at least keep checking, the makeup on the model under the same type of light we plan to use during the photoshoot, or the makeup may look much darker, or lighter in your images than it did during application.

If we are planning on shooting with electronic flash in a studio setting, then it`s best for us to use natural light to apply the makeup for the photoshoot.

However, if we must apply the subject’s makeup under artificial lighting, then we need to keep the following information in mind:
Fluorescent lighting will make skin look very pale. It gives off a green color cast, which can make a person look almost ill. Avoid this lighting for applying the makeup if you can. Fluorescent light bulbs can also have different color temperatures, depending on the type of bulb. It is hard to judge the true look of a person’s makeup under these conditions, so fluorescent lighting should be avoided.

All irregularities of the skin should be covered completely with use of concealer and foundation. We have to remember to use powder over the base and keep reapplying that during the photoshoot, so the skin will not appear “shiny” on the pictures.
Use of a professional makeup brand is very important. There are makeup brands for everyday makeup and for professional use. The two things are different, which can be noticed in the texture and often the quality of the makeup.

Crating a makeup is a complex thing, and we have to make sure that the different parts of the makeup, such as eyeshadow, lipstick, etc. create the right total picture at the end.

Hope you enjoyed learning about the basics of this type of makeup. We will continue learning more about this, so check back here regularly.

See you soon! 🙂

Natalia // Tristan Makeup


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