My girlfriend (Ingrid) and I wanted to take a cool island getaway, so we really did not want to go on a city holiday. We wanted to travel to a place where none of us have been before. It was also important that it was a smaller place with good climate, so there would be most likely no rain all week. I mean if you have only one week to discover the island, then it`s not so cool if it rains outside. The location was kind of a spontaneous idea. We usually plan a lot in advance, but this time we just decided to make it a game.

We turned the rotating globe around and our fingertip pointed to Malta when the globe stopped. Once we had our destination, then we started researching it. We figured that the whole country of Malta had a population of only half a million, which is the same as the city I live in. Interesting how a whole country can have only half a million inhabitants. It`s one of the smallest countries in the world.

The length of the flight was sort of ok, not too short, not too long. We had time to take a nap on the plane, and by the time we woke up we were landing.

Here you see us a few days after arrival. All chill and loved up.

We are not really doing the normal visiting sights and museums sort of holiday. We came to relax by the beach and enjoy the sunshine. Perfect location, perfect timing with the perfect girl. We are having a great time. We enjoy sleeping in, taking long brunches and just hanging out at the beach as much as we can. We even met some cool local people to hang out with.

One of the beaches we liked, so we recommend you to visit is St. Peters Pool Beach. It is sort of a rock formation and a cave. You can sunbathe at the top, but the place is famous of…

This place is famous of people diving into the water from high up, so I had to try it 😛 This was my local discovery sort of thing. Check out how I am diving into the water. We made a short video:

We also went to St. Julians , which is a place known for its entertainment and nightlife. We found some cozy restaurants there and the food was great!

The sun has been shining nonstop, so as you can see I got the cool Malta tan.

Overall we are enjoying Malta, and we recommend it for couples. If you decide to visit Malta, then this is a useful website to look at:

Feel free to also comment or ask me questions through the comment field bellow. Let me know if you are on Malta this week, let`s meet up!

Next up I am headed to Tunisia, so stay tuned in 🙂

Take care

Levi // travelevi


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