Sunshine helps all year round. The problem is that there is not too much sun in many countries during the autumn winter season. Keep in mind that sunshine has an amazing effect on your body mind and soul.

The Weather, Guys! When it comes to off season (mostly autumn) the weather tends to turn colder, the days are getting shorter, the afternoons darker, less sun and lots of rain…Shall I continue? 😉 The list could go on forever. You get the point anyway. Ain´t no sunshine is no fun my friends. First of all charge “Your Vitamin D Batteries” before the snow comes down, so you don`t have to take those synthetic vitamin D pills.

Just logical + isn`t it more fun using your credit card to buy a flight ticket over buying lots of vitamin D pills? Your choice anyway. Speaking of which

Here we need to talk about the other aspect. The prices. November is off season at most of the cool places in the world, so you will find amazing prices, discounts, and you get a lot more value for your money, than you would during the summer. And by the way I go on holiday to relax, as most other people do, but how can you relax when everything is overcrowded by tourists, you have to queue up to get your meal at the hotel and wait loads for your food to be served at restaurants full of hungry tourists?! Activities like camel safari or any water sports activities tend to be overbooked during high season. By the way the safari was cool.

We saw some amazing places on the way.

This is an oasis in the desert.

This is how the beach looked like.

And on top of everything you get better service, because the hotel staff is not overloaded with work in November. So be smart guys.

I think that overall it is a lot more chill to travel in November. So there you go.

My next travel location is a secret, so stay tuned in until I am ready to share the secret with you.

Take care in the meantime,

Levi 🙂


Espen Krøll

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